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Taylor accuses Sinn Fein of attempting to ‘create tension’ over loyalist parades

Ulster Unionist Councillor David Taylor has expressed strong disappointment at the comments made by Sinn Fein’a Conor Murphy over the upcoming parades in Newry.

Accusing Sinn Fein of attempting to “create tensions” regarding “the rightful entitlement of the minority Protestant community to express their culture in their home city”.

“The remarks made by Conor Murphy about parades due to be hosted by South Down Defenders Flute Band and the Royal Black Institution highlight an ongoing outdated sectarian agenda pursued by Sinn Fein in respect of their attitude towards the minority Protestant Community in Newry,” Councillor Taylor said.

“Sinn Fein, as always, fail to step up to the mark in displaying genuine equality and tolerance to the minority Protestant community within the Newry area and it is clear that intolerance and old fashioned bigotry is alive and well within the Republican movement.  While Mr Murphy will feign concerns regarding disruption to residents and impacts on tourism, the truth is that these well planned and marshalled events take place over the same period each year with little or no disruption to the commercial life of the city of Newry.”

Councillor Taylor says it is “abundantly clear” that Sinn Fein is “driven by hatred of all things British and through a deeply imbedded intolerance of the minority Protestant community’s desire to display their proud heritage and culture in a positive manner”.

“As such, there remains a profound mistrust towards Sinn Fein within the minority Protestant community in Newry and that suspicion and uncertainly will remain whilst Republicans continue their attempts to suppress this community’s entitlement to fair and equitable treatment in their home city,” he added.

“I am confident the planned events will take place as always, in a well organised and positive fashion. I would call upon the people of Newry to embrace the events organised over the last weekend in August where a vast array of musical spectacle and colour will be on display, there to be enjoyed by everybody.”