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Trio arrested in Dundalk following Newry hijacking incident

A woman is recovering from her ordeal after her car was hijacked and she was dragged from the vehicle while sitting at traffic lights in Newry city centre on Thursday.

The incident happened around 11.30am close to the Quays Shopping Centre when a man confronted the unsuspecting motorist.  Claiming he was armed, the man threatened the lady with violence before forcing her out of the car and driving off at speed, smashing into a car park barrier in his haste to escape.

Police were swiftly alerted and, having contacted Gardaí, a cross-border operation was initiated to help trace the thief.

It emerged the stolen vehicle was fitted with a tracking device which led police straight to the culprits who were subsequently detained in the Dundalk area.  The car was recovered and the suspects arrested by Gardaí.

Under the headline “caught and cuffed”, Newry and Mourne PSNI revealed details of the shocking incident on their Facebook page.

“Following an incident of a vehicle hijacking that happened earlier today [Thursday] in Newry city, three suspects have now been arrested by An Garda Síochána in the Republic of Ireland, and the vehicle recovered.

“This incident happened in broad daylight where a lady who was simply going about her business in the town was beset upon by a thoughtless thug who entered into her car, claimed that he was armed, threatened violence upon her then had forced her out of the car before he sped away, recklessly causing damage to a car park barrier as he made off.

“The PSNI were quick to respond to her call for help and very fortunately the vehicle was fitted with technology that enabled it to be tracked to the very door in the Republic of Ireland where the vehicle was found and three suspects have been arrested and are now in custody.”

Detectives investigating the case have appealed to anyone who may have witnessed the incident to contact them on 101 quoting reference 571 17/10/19.