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Victim appeals for vigilance after being targeted by opportunist thieves

The victim of opportunist thieves who swiped a large sum of cash from her parked car last week has appealed to people to be more vigilant.

Mary McDonald fell victim to the audacious theft shortly after midday on Friday 25th January whilst her car was parked outside Mulkerns Eurospar on the Forkhill Road. The assailants, travelling in a black old style Astra parked alongside Ms McDonald, before one of the men broke into the vehicle, stealing her handbag – which contained a considerable amount of cash she had previously withdrawn from a Newry bank.

The Meigh woman shared CCTV footage of the incident on social media last week, urging members of the public to be vigilant and aware at all times. The footage, which has been released by police, shows the thieves’ car making off with the stolen bag shortly after the woman returns to her vehicle with her shopping. The theft takes just seconds before the car speeds off, chased by the distressed victim, who believes she was targeted by the men and followed from the Newry ATM where she had withdrawn the money.

“This is how quick those scumbags got my bag at Mulkerns Eurospar last Friday,” said Ms McDonald in her social media post.

“I had obviously been targeted after withdrawing a substantial sum from a bank in Newry and followed.

“A hard learned lesson but central locking on wouldn’t have made a difference, they were going get my bag.”

Ms McDonald said she was thankful the thieves took the opportunity when they did, “otherwise I would have been followed home.” The local woman also said she believes the same men were in the vicinity of her home the night after the robbery.

Warning people to be vigilant, she added,

“It is too late for me but please everyone be aware of who and what is about you, as you can see from the video these low lives only need seconds to destroy you.”

Police are continuing their appeal for information. The assailant is described as a stocky male with black hair. It is understood he made off in a black old-style Astra with possible reg 03W2381. Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 with the reference 508 250119.