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Young people urged to act responsibly

Young people across the district are being called upon to act responsibly and join the community effort against COVID-19.

Pictures circling on social media of young people gathered in groups and ignoring advice on social distancing prompted Newry/Armagh MP Mickey Brady to make this appeal.

He said: “This is a time of great worry and anxiety for many in our communities as the threat from COVID19 continues to intensify.  Each and every single one of us, both young and old, has an obligation in the time ahead to act responsibly to protect our vulnerable relatives and members of the community.  By gathering in large crowds, the spread of COVID19 will be accelerated, placing our health staff under further pressure and resulting in more fatalities. 

“My appeal to young people is clear – be part of the community effort against COVID19, listen to the medical professionals and practice social distancing.  Only by working together will we overcome this.”